High School Guys Spewing With Style

The Melbourne High School Milk Run embodies the spirit of the school. Forty 18 year-olds running around in circles and throwing up makes for great entertainment.



The Possibility of a God? – Part 2

My first post on this subject has been subject to quite a debate over the last few days and can be found here. One particular object of discussion that came up that I would like to address at first is about being an Atheist. Many people are critical of this position, and say it is impossible to be sure there is no God. I consider myself an Atheist, even though, of course, I am not 100 percent sure there is no God. But I am fairly convinced. Being a scientific kind of a guy, I try to consider all scientific evidence relating to this matter, and come to the conclusion that this evidence points to the reality that there is no God. And although I am not 100% sure, I am not 100% sure of anything. Even seeing an object, one must admit there is a millionth of a chance that that object does not in fact exist. No-one can be sure of anything; that is, until we come to faith.Faith is another object of discussion that has arisen as a result of my original post. A popular view among the Theists responding to me has been centred on this elusive concept, although there is little possibility of a logical method of dissolving it. But I will attempt that here. I will loosely define faith as being the belief in something without sufficient proof to be called fact. People have faith in many things, but none raise the kind of debate as religion does. Why? Because not only is the basis of faith in God flimsy to begin with, but also the very belief in God goes against exactly where science and modern thought are going. Of course science has disproved a lot of common beliefs before now, such as the flat Earth, the previous thoughts about physics and the origins of species etc, but none have ever been as sticky as religion.This is because religion is not just another common belief or thought. Religion is and has historically been a big part of people. Challenging religion = challenging people; challenging their very being and their identity. Accepting the thought that God does not exist, there is no life after death and there is no grand meaning to the whole thing, is not something easy to swallow. So I am asking Theists now; is faith enough? What sets your faith apart from the faith of another religion, when there is no evidence to support yours over the other? Consider a parent who has strong faith in his his/her God. If this parent teaches this religion as fact to their child, is this still a matter of faith? Shouldn’t this child come t their own true faith?This all said, a very big reason why people still believe in God has little to do with the people. Very powerful people do not want things to change. No matter how you look at faith and religion, you will see that, historically, whoever is at the helm of religion will wield the power.Religion = PowerFew people would have continued the Christian religion if the powerful institution of the church had not been upheld until now. These people, along with other powerful groups of people (namely the
US government), have a vested interest in religion, as a means of controlling the people.
Many more people would have subscribed to
Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection if there were not so many well funded people busy refuting it. And to those that believe that this Theory is not plausible, have a think about why the great majority of the scientific community accept it as fact, while the only sources one can find disputing this theory are highly biased or highly selective. If you think it is not sound, then have a think about why is it taught in schools as the sole (I am assuming) explanation for the origin of species?

And so I have discussed some of the social factors surrounding the existence of God, and I am free to get to the juicy bit. Does God exist? Is it possible to know? Can this question be logically resolved? Well I think it can. So bookmark this page now; I will be back for The Possibility of a God? – Part 3 soon enough.

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Gotta Hate Those Stinking Christian…

One of the pet hates of most atheists is religious people preaching.  Let me clarify a little. I hate it when those stinking bible-bashers can’t help but push their beliefs on to me. Although I have some experience of being Koran (never Tanakh) bashed, the evangelical Christians in the good ol’ US of A are the major problem.

Let me just explain to all those who have been lucky enough to avoid these turkeys. They are all around you:

Consider an innocent atheist, run of the mill Christian or some other normal person is browsing the Internet. He stumbles across a website with some bland newsy name, and decides to read a couple of stories. It is like an alternate Universe! Iraq is going well, apparently. The country is dangerously overflowing with Muslims, illegal immigrants, democrats and Halloween costumes that are becoming “too sexy”. Don’t be fooled! This is one of the conservative, evangelical Christian propaganda “news” websites.

Then you go into a chat room or forum, and they are there as well. Quoting Bible verses, telling you to end your “life of sin”. Then you have Bible-bashers at the door, on TV, on the radio, in the government…

And there are even people with the mission to seek and convert every single person in the world. They just can’t resist. Look at this and this and tell me they don’t make you feel a little disgusted. These people are systematically converting the entire world.

It’s not only that they get on my nerves. It’s that these people are so tied up in their own beliefs that are willing to do morally reprehensible things to force them on anyone they can. Yes, I believe it is morally reprehensible to seek and convert people in developing countries. Obviously these people think they are doing the right thing. But they part of something bigger. A large-scale brainwashing is taking place, deadening the brains of all who are targeted, turning them all into conservative, hate filled Republicans.

cartoon anti-christian

I am not preaching atheism! This is not a hypocritical post.

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The Possibility of a God

There are a whole lot of people out there who believe in “God”. Billions of people are Christian, Muslim or Jewish, and are following their religion (most often blindly). But I strongly refute the claim that this particular “God” exists, and I have pretty good reason, too. So all those curious people out there, please read this and maybe you will realise your mistake. That said, I am not accusing anyone who believes in God of being stupid. Please make comments to explain your reasoning if you disagree with my theory.

This is based on the three premises put forward by the three major monotheistic religions. God is all powerful, God is all knowing and God is all good. If you refute any of these three premises, then you are not a Christian, Muslim or Jew, and I have no beef with you.

no beef






no beef

1. Assume God exists.

2. God is all powerful

3. God is all good

4. All good beings are opposed to suffering

5. All good beings who are able stop suffering will do so immediately

6. God is opposed to suffering (from 3 and 4)

7. God can stop suffering completely and immediately (from 2)

8. God will eliminate suffering completely and immediately (6 and 7)

9. Suffering exists

10. Therefore, God does not exist (8 and 9)

sheep herd


A popular argument against this one, is that “God gave us free will”. Well this argument is utterly useless and completely refutable. Consider those thousands of children who starve in developing nations. How could anyone justify this as free will? And if you believe that it is the fault of human beings, then explain to me how an all good being could justify an innocent child being born into this situation. Is it that child’s fault?

Or if a person is crossing the road, and gets randomly hit by a bus. How does this in any way constitute free will?

Finally, a person is born with a particularly painful and severe disease. If this has happened, explain to me how there could possibly be an all powerful, all knowing, all good being out there?

Again, I am not a Christian hater. I am simply offering a debate on the possible existence of your god. I welcome civilised argument in the comments.

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Gay Marriage: Why do straight people care?

One of the seemingly never ending debates around the world is the concept of the gay marriage. Just Google it. No, actually stay here. (At least open it up in a new window). If you do though, you will find many arguments detailing why gay marriage should or shouldn’t be allowed.

OK straight off the bat, I am for it. But sit down, rednecks, as I have not been blinded by amoral, liberal propaganda. I have come to my decision with the aid of careful logical reasoning. And I have also some research into the opposition argument, so I am not an ignorant liberal; I have considered both sides.

But I have come to realise that even if the arguments of the “against side” were thought out with impeccable logic and reasoning (which they’re not), and made a good case, it wouldn’t make a difference to the majority of the liberal people. It is the same on the other side. The majority of people have a firm belief on this issue, and that is why arguing about it is completely useless. I know that if started ranting about equal opportunities and all, the grand majority of conservatives out there would be completely unswayed. Yes, I know whichever side you are on in this debate, my opinion will probably have next to no impact on your view. So that is why I have come up with a way everyone can be in agreement.

Why do people care?

Being a Person Who Is Against Gay Marriage, you are most likely a fundamentalist Christian. You say that:

Marriage is a sacred institution between a man and a woman

Please explain to me how this is at all relevant. I am assuming that you say this because you think a gay marriage will devalue your marriage. In reality, how is a gay couple getting married going to effect you? If anything, you should be glad! Imagine; opening up the right for gays to happily marry each other will mean a lot will mean more gay marriages (duh), meaning less single, sexually frustrated gays gays. The less single, sexually frustrated gays, the less chance that you or your children will be spontaneously jumped on the street and “recruited”. So this is actually a plus for you!

And anyway, shouldn’t you be worrying a little more about your own love life? Keeping gays away from each other won’t help you stay together with your spouse. You probably will end up doing divorced – look at the statistics.

Gay relationships are immoral

Assuming this is true, what they are doing does not affect you in any way! And if they are, you should be happy anyway. Because:

  • Gays will go to hell if they pursue their homosexuality

And don’t give me any of that crap about wanting to ‘save them’.

people like you

people like you

You hate them and you want them to go to hell.

  • Gays will probably die at an early age from AIDS

people like you

people like you

Again, don’t give me the crap about saving them. That is just a weak cover. So why, why do you really care about this?

You are afraid that you are gay

This fear has no merit. If you are gay, then you are doomed to go to hell anyway! Enjoy life while it lasts! Realise these feelings by having a gay marriage.

And if you are not? Let gay marriage happen anyway. If all these gays that you hate so very very much get married, living in sin, they will all go to hell and you won’t have any of those damn fags in heaven.

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Hello world!

Hello everyone, I’m jesterballz, and this is the very first post on cynicpad! As you might have noticed, this post isn’t in the least bit cynical, but let me assure all three of you that will end up reading this piece of crap opening entry will be in for some quality posts in the near future! In the meantime, put me in your favourites and then go out and do something productive with your time.